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Topps Baseball Cards of the Week

Check Out The Latest Marlins Cards on the Market! Physical & Digital.


Baseball cards are more popular than ever. As the prices for cards climb, the demand is still there. Physical cards have become more expensive and less available, so some have resorted to collecting digitally as an alternative. Whether physical or digital, card collecting remains a popular hobby.

Let’s take a look at some of the newest Marlins cards to hit the market! Physical cards as well as digital cards through apps such as Topps Bunt will be featured on a weekly basis.

Cards of the Week

2021 Topps Inception Jazz Chisolm RC Patch Autograph (Topps Bunt Digital App)

Jazz Chisolm Inception

2021 Topps Heritage Sixto Sánchez RC (Topps Bunt Digital App)

Sixto Sanchez Heritage