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Offishial news, 4/22/21: Important Fish Picks update; all that Jazz

The Marlins’ 11-day, 10-game road trip begins.

Baltimore Orioles v Miami Marlins Photo by Michael Reaves/Getty Images

2021 Fish Picks form

The participation in our daily Marlins prop bets contest has been incredible—224 unique users, including dozens of whom make their picks for every game. (You can learn more about Fish Picks here.) Twitter follower @lucerro current sits atop the April 2021 leaderboard in pursuit of a Legends of Dade t-shirt.

Entering April 22

However, I believe we can make the process easier and better.

By May 1, we hope to transition all Fish Picks to this special form. You can bookmark the link, or find it on the Fish Stripes homepage and in every game thread article. Grading Fish Picks manually has made it too time-consuming for me to keep track of every individual pick, defaulting to “perfect games” instead. But setting it up as a Google Forms quiz should allow the contest to return to its roots of rewarding consistency.

The Fish Picks leaderboard includes an Answer Key tab, updated shortly after the game’s final out.

If there is any confusion about this, fire away in the comments!

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