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Here’s every batting and pitching record for the Marlins on Opening Day

Jeff Conine is the all-time leader in home runs for the Marlins on OD, with two. Numerous other records below.

Phillies v Marlins Photo by Eliot J. Schechter/Getty Images

There’s a reason to smile today: Opening Day is finally here! After five consecutive losses from 2015 to 2019, the Marlins won their season opener against the Phillies last year. This time, they will try for more of the same when they face the Rays (4:10 ET).

Sandy Alcántara—who is 1-1, 4.50 ERA in two outings against Tampa Bay—is the chosen one by Don Mattingly to lead the rotation and start the first game of the regular season. And just in case something extraordinary happens, here’s your guide of every Marlins record on Opening Day.



No Marlin has ever recorded a 5-hit game on Opening Day. However, there are four hitters with a 4-hit performance: Jeff Conine (4-5-1993 vs. Dodgers), Carlos Delgado (4-5-2005 vs. Braves), Hanley Ramírez (4-2-2007 vs. Nationals), and Emilio Bonifacio (4-6-2009 vs. Nationals).

No Marlin has ever recorded a 2-homer game on Opening Day.

Only Marlin to record at least five runs batted in on an Opening Day: Hanley Ramírez (4-6-2009, 5 RBIs vs. Nationals).

There have been four Marlins players with two doubles on an Opening Day: Kevin Orie (4-5-1999 vs Mets), Hanley Ramírez (4-2-2007 vs. Nationals), Casey McGehee (3-31-2014 vs. Rockies), Dee Strange-Gordon (4-5-2016 vs. Tigers).

Six Marlins have recorded a triple on Opening Day history. The latest one came from Derek Dietrich’s bat (3-29-2018 vs Cubs).

Most career hits on Opening Day by a Marlin: Luis Castillo and Hanley Ramírez, both with 10.

Most career home runs on Opening Day by a Marlin: Jeff Conine, 2.

Most career runs batted in on Opening Day by a Marlin: Preston Wilson, 8.

Debuts by position players since 2000 on Opening Day (3):

  • 2B Dan Uggla: 0-for-2 vs Astros (2006).
  • CF Eric Reed: 0-for-2 vs Astros (2006).
  • CF Alejandro De Aza: 2-for-4 vs. Nationals (2007).


Only Marlins’ starters to go at least seven innings and allow three or fewer earned runs on Opening Day: Kevin Brown (4-1-1997 vs. Cubs) and Alex Fernández (4-3-2000 vs. Giants).

Most strikeouts on a single Opening Day by a Marlin: Josh Beckett (4-6-2004 vs. Expos) and José Fernández (3-31-2014 vs. Rockies), both with nine.

To date, no Marlin has ever thrown a shutout or a complete game on Opening Day.

There have been four saves by Marlins’ pitchers on Opening Day: Bryan Harvey (1993), Antonio Alfonseca (2000), Armando Benítez (2004), and Brandon Kintzler (2020).

Most starts on Opening Day by a Marlin: Josh Beckett and Josh Johnson (3).

Most career strikeouts on Opening Day: Josh Beckett (16).

Most career wins on Opening Day: Alex Fernández (2).

Debuts by pitchers since 2000 on Opening Day (3):

  • Tommy Phelps: 0.1 IP vs. Phillies (2003).
  • Carlos Martínez: 1.0 IP vs. Astros (2006).
  • Nick Anderson: 0.1 inning vs. Rockies (2019).


Last 10 Opening Days:

  • 2011: W 6-2 vs. Mets
  • 2012: L 1-4 vs. Cardinals
  • 2013: L 0-2 vs. Nationals
  • 2014: W 10-1 vs. Rockies
  • 2015: L 1-2 vs. Braves
  • 2016: L 7-8 vs. Tigers
  • 2017: L 2-4 vs. Nationals
  • 2018: L 4-8 vs. Cubs
  • 2019: L 3-6 vs. Rockies
  • 2020: W 5-2 vs. Phillies