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Offishial news, 3/31/21: The Big D; Smooth Jazz; #MarlinsTwitterMarchMadness

Even in the midst of a pandemic, the Miami Marlins secured the bag. Now they better put it to good use.

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lOAnDePoT ParK

No, that’s not really the proper stylization of the new “Marlins Park” name. This is: loanDepot park. Almost too gimmicky to be believed.

The early vibe I’m getting from Marlins fans is a cocktail of eyerolls, satisfaction—nearly $10 million of extra annual revenue for the franchise!—and stubbornness to acknowledge the new reality. Both parties already commented to Bloomberg about the naming rights deal, though the big reveal is being saved for 10 a.m. ET today.

Between this and the much-improved terms of their local television situation, the Marlins no longer have excuses for pinching pennies in the pursuit of building a championship contender. Is there an opportunity for them to spend their way to a postseason berth right now, in 2021? Probably not, but they have the resources and the young, ultra-talented core to pry that window open beginning next season.

“Smooth Jazz” merch


Speaking of young and ultra-talented, Fish Stripes has once again collaborated with BreakingT on fabulous MLBPA-licensed merchandise, this time in honor of Jazz Chisholm Jr. seizing the Marlins’ second base job. Ya like Smooth Jazz? Wear the t-shirt (men’s, women’s and youth sizes available) or the hoodie version.

New Marlins 2B Jazz Chisholm Jr. definitely has the it factor. Wear it!

New Marlins 2B Jazz Chisholm Jr. definitely has the it factor. Wear it!

New Marlins 2B Jazz Chisholm Jr. definitely has the it factor. Wear it!

New Marlins 2B Jazz Chisholm Jr. definitely has the it factor. Wear it!

#MarlinsTwitterMarchMadness Round of 32

Thanks to Fish On The Farm for hastily putting together a terrific March Madness-style bracket of 64 Marlins-related Twitter accounts. Fish Stripes (@fishstripes), Danilo Santos (@Danilo_Sant0s) and Ethan Budowsky (@ethanbudowsky) were victorious in their first-round matchups.

Do we have your votes?!

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Opening day at the ballpark

And we gather with Marlins faithful,

Marlins doubtful,

And Marlins still undecided

In a city that has been sick and divided

But today in Miami, we are united!

With a woman at the helm and our ace on the mound,

The Marlins are ready for a brand new season

Full of promise

Cheered on by fans who have ached to see live baseball since 2019.

It’s been 18 years since the last Championship

But here we are, this glorious Opening Day

Where the air is electric and humid

And the immutable spirit of Jose Fernandez still lingers with us.

As we begin a new season,

Hats off to last year’s playoff team.

We are building on new traditions and new heroes

Remembering seasons past with Muscle Boy and Marlins Mermaids

Back when they were the “Flarrida” Marlins and the ballpark doubled as a football stadium.

Fast forward to today, at a quarter capacity

Half vaccinated, wearing KN95’s

With the defiance of being called bottom feeders

And the optimism to Re2pect the process.

This is our year.

So while we cannot yet lock arms and sway together

And sing “root root root for the Marlins,”

We can stand together on this Opening Day and feel the love

For this season’s first official Play Ball.