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Offishial news, 12/3/21: Serious about Schwarber; faceless players

The latest Miami Marlins coverage recalibrating to this bizarre lockout lifestyle.

Kyle Schwarber #12 of the Washington Nationals bats against the Miami Marlins at loanDepot park Photo by Mark Brown/Getty Images
  • In the Miami Herald, Craig Mish and Barry Jackson provide the specifics on the Marlins’ outfield shopping, among other topics. They apparently were willing to go north of $60 million over a four-year deal in pursuit of Starling Marte. Their hesitancy to do the same during the season—when it would’ve been enough to keep him off the free agent market entirely!—remains baffling. The Marlins are now contemplating several alternatives: offering the Marte money to Kyle Schwarber, trading for a bat of his ilk or trusting their internal outfielders, which could include some right field reps for Brian Anderson.
  • I set up a new MLB lockout-centric subgroup on Fish Stripes. Feel free to bookmark it.
  • The website has been scrubbed of all content mentioning members of the MLBPA (any player currently on a 40-man roster). The league is also temporarily prohibited from using their likenesses and replaced player headshots with generic silhouettes. In an act of solidarity, Jesús Aguilar, Anthony Bass and Louis Head are among the hundreds of major leaguers who adopted those silhouettes as their Twitter profile pictures.

  • At least there is still one prominent, active South Florida athlete for the Marlins to use.
  • We had a great audience turnout for this week’s Fish Stripes LIVE! A new episode of Fish Stripes Unfiltered with Isaac Azout and Kevin Barral is going up on Saturday. It’ll be available on our YouTube channel in addition to the usual podcast feed.