Marlins Trade Bait

I will begin by posting an article presented by mlbtraderumors yesterday. It discusses the trade potential of Miami's starting pitching "excess." Evaluating The Marlins' Potential Rotation Trade Chips - MLB Trade Rumors

While Alcantara and Rogers are viewed as untouchables atop the rotation, Lopez, Cabrera, Luzardo, Sanchez. Meyer and Hernandez are seen as trade options to upgrade in an area of need, particularly CF. I disagree. All of those starters, with the exception of Max Meyer, are experiencing injury or effectiveness problems that limit their current value. Selling low on any of them would be a mistake. I would add minor league prospects Perez, Eder and Velez to the untouchable list because they all have major upside.

Is it possible to obtain a CF like Cedric Mullins or a 2B like Ketel Marte for a package headlined by Meyer? I think so. However, the other names should not come from the pitching staff (unless it's Garrett, Neidert, Castano, Poteet). The filler material from Miami should be Bleday, Burdick, Lewin Diaz, Encarnacion. I could easily envision a package of five or so players being sent to Baltimore in particular.

By the end of spring training, Miami will be able to re-evaluate the pitching staff and determine if there is a true excess.