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Offishial news, 12/20/21: Michael Conforto; HR derby highlights; Marlins Decade Draft results

The latest Miami Marlins coverage to get you through the lockout blues.

  • Jazz Chisholm Jr. impressed at Saturday’s Don’t Blink Home Run Derby in Paradise, though he came up short of winning the title. Watch long balls from him, Lewis Brinson and Marlins prospects Steven Adderley and Andre Arthur on the Fish Stripes YouTube account.
  • The Marlins made contact with free agent Michael Conforto prior to the lockout, according to Joe Frisaro of Man On 2nd Baseball. Their early-offseason interest in Nicolas Castellanos was widely reported by Frisaro and others. Conforto shares an agent with Castellanos (Scott Boras), and like Castellanos, he seems doubtful to re-sign with his 2021 team, so it would’ve been surprisingly if the Marlins didn’t at least kick the tires on him in their wide-ranging search for impactful outfielders. Newsday’s Tim Healey joined Frisaro on his podcast to discuss Conforto in greater detail.
  • On Fish Stripes Unfiltered, Isaac Azout, Kevin Barral and Aram Leighton assembled their dream teams of active Marlins players. Whose roster do you like the best?

  • Miguel Rojas will not play in the Venezuelan Winter League as he originally intended. The fact that his team, Tiburones de La Guaira, has already been limited from postseason contention played a role in his decision.
  • Steve Gesuele of Pitcher List attributes Sandy Alcantara’s 2021 second-half success to pitch mix changes.
  • Greg Harvey illustrates how the Marlins position player leaders in wins above replacement have evolved through the years. No current Marlins crack the franchise’s all-time top 15.