Could The Stallings Trade Turn Out To Be The Most Vital To The Marlins' Future?

Charles LeClaire-USA TODAY Sports

Now, I'm sure you saw the title, and are now asking, 'What form of illegal drugs did this fool Dax take?'. But heed me for a moment. I'm going somewhere with this, yeah?

Firstly, let us review our previous catching situation. It was..... Sub-par, to put it kindly. Jorge Alfaro, despite a decent performance in 2019, has fallen to the way-side. His offensive abilities are very meh and his defense utterly offensive (ha got 'em) to human eyes. So much so that he lead the NL in passed balls with an astonishing *thirteen*. Then we get to Leon, who provided solid defense and good pitch calling. Unfortunately, his offensive woes were so harrowing (38 OPS+) that they practically negated his worth that he had behind the plate. Something had to be done with the catching situation. So the FO made their move.

Jacob Stallings was acquired via trade in exchange for Thompson, Nicholas and Scott. An immediate and vast upgrade from Alfaro and Leon. With okay offense for that of a catcher, and profound defense (20 DRS, Lord have mercy.), it seemed that the FO got just what they needed and wanted. However, could there be more to this trade than just a positional upgrade?

Stallings' defense is lauded around the league, as well as his game calling and framing skills. This, applied to our young, budding starting rotation is extremely exciting. Trevor Rogers, runner-up for ROTY, (Screw you BBWAA.) stated that Leon's game calling made pitching easier on him. This holds true for most of the Marlins pitching staff in 2021. Imagine what could happen when they are in the hands of one of the best defensive catchers in the league currently? Sandy's sinkers just became far more terrifying to face. The staple Marlins change-up? I'm bricked just thinking about it. This could go very well with upcoming pitchers such as Edward Cabrera, Sixto Sanchez and Jesus Luzardo.

And even better, we've got two young, rookie catchers to learn from his ways. Nick Fortes, who displayed some pop and solid bat overall in his fourteen games played, and Payton Henry, who we saw too little of to garner a good look at his skill-set. Both could learn a lot from Stallings, and become solid catchers; especially Fortes, who displayed a bit of defensive issues behind the plate. If his offense is for real, and he becomes a protege for Stallings, the results are nothing short of glorious.

Now, I am more than aware that these are some high hopes I'm presenting here, but they are far from inconceivable. That's it from me, I ought not take up too much of your time. Let the lock-out end shortly so we can get our new CF.

I'm outta here.