The Case For Wilson Ramos


The Miami Marlins have come off of an extremely disappointing follow up to their 2020 playoff push. The plague of injuries that hampered the team out of the gate could be described as nothing less than jaw-dropping. Injuries to the starting pitching rotation, outfield, and infield had the front office scrambling to patch together a major league roster. If the 2021 baseball season taught Marlin’s fans anything, it is that the depth of the team needs to be improved dramatically.

The 2021 off-season has shown us that the front office is well aware of it’s deficiencies. There are many. But fixing these problems is going to take much more than sealing the vacuum left by the deportations of Starling Marte and Adam Duvall. Hopefully, the front office have learned from their mistakes and look to add the depth needed to play a one-hundred and sixty-two game season.

The Miami Marlins are not going to compete financially with juggernauts such as the Dodgers and the Yankees. So they must be creative in their approach. Adding second tier players such as Avisail Garcia and trading for Jacob Stallings is a wonderful start. Adding another bat via trade or free agency is still the table. However, it is going to take much more depth to protect the team from the calamities that a MLB season will throw their way. They need to add more depth.

To do so, they must leave no stone unturned. They must be creative in looking for players that will upgrade the team and protect them from injury. One such player is Wilson Ramos.

Wilson Ramos could be exactly the type of player that can offer that protection at a position where the Marlins have not been able to correct since the departure of J.T Realmuto. The signing of Jacob Stallings is expected to be the solution to the problem.

But if 2021 has taught us anything, it is that injury does not discriminate. If Jacob Stallings happens to miss time during the 2022 season, the depth behind him is concerning. Wilson Ramos is a veteran former two time All Star who is coming off of an injury plagued 2021.

Ramos’ numbers speak for themselves. His career numbers include a .271 BA, .432 SLG, .750 OPS, and an 102 OPS+. If it were not for his injury, major league teams would be lining up for his services given the shallow depth in the FA market this year. However, at 34 years old he currently sits as a free agent. Add to this the fact that Ramos’ numbers during the 2021 injury plagued season were still better than all of the Marlins catchers combined in OPS+, OPS, and SLG.

Wilson Ramos is precisely the type of player that the Marlins should be targeting to improve the depth of the team. As of now, the Marlins are leaving the backup catcher position to be filled by a trio of inexperienced rookies who could maybe fill the role.

But let’s be realistic. If any of those rookies could give the Marlins half of what Wilson Ramos could offer, those rookies would be considered a success. Wilson Ramos is a player that is worth the risk given the lack of depth behind Jacob Stallings. If it works out and the Marlins are in contention in July, it would be a wonderful comeback story. If the Marlins are out of contention in July, Ramos could be used as a trade chip to strengthen the farm system. Either way, it is a win for the Miami Marlins.