Unconventional Trades

Jim Rassol-USA TODAY Sports

As some of your may recognize, it is fun to play with the idea of trading players. I think it is much more fun than just jumping into the Free Agent market, and this is particularly true for a team with a limited budget as the Fish is. Ever since the final out of the World Series, all of us are trying to imagine ways to acquire impactful players for the starting 9, and the Front Office has brought three new players to the fold. However, a general consensus is that the team still needs a big bat how could play CF, but other options are open, for example 3B, SS and the OF, of course.

With the fanbase's expectations growing, the Marlins are expected to make noise this coming season - God hear our prayers: COVID is coming back and we are in the middle of a lockdown -. But we all want more that just make noise, we want to be World Champions. Or to reach the playoffs at the very least. For that matter, lots of pieces have to fall in place and Kim Ng and need to be creative. A couple of days ago I toyed wit the idea of some "unthinkable trades". Players with hefty contracts and bad years behind them with teams just wanting to get rid of them, a thought that few of you have also entertained.

Let's bring some players to the trading block and see if there is something you might think can work. Why? Because it's fun:

1. Cody Bellinger: He was a monster as recently as 2019, but had an unswallowable 2021 season at the plate. In line to make around $16 Million, the Dodgers might be tempted to trade him away for pitching or/and a right-handed bat who can plays 1B, and happens that the Marlins have TWO of those. A truly bounce-back candidate.

2. Aaron Hicks: The Bronx Bombers have enough trouble finding a SS to create another hole in their lineup, but you know what? Hicks contract has been a major disappointment. He will earn another $41 Million over the next 4 years, and he is already 32. But hey, he can still patrol the center, and the Marlins don't need to pay all that money if a prospect is involved in a potential trade.

3. Jesse Winker: Look, this guy is good, but not reaaaally good. He had a great year last season and has consistent high OBP with consistent HORRIBLE defensive metrics. I read a Reds fan saying that a trade with the Marlins for Winker would cost Sixto, Meyer and Burdick. Wow. Anyways, it is a good fit if the team dears to play García in CF.

4. Charlie Blackmon: This is a tough one because I think Blackmon is a guy that will play for only one team in his entire career. However, maybe if we ask nicely to jump into a role model for the young guys? Maybe he would like to play the playoffs one last time and the Rockies are farther than the Marlins in doing so. There is nothing wrong in asking...

5. Mitch Haniger: All those young Seattle OFs coming and Haniger is in his last years contract. He had a great season and can contribute immediately to the lineup. He might be cheaper to get than many can think.

Which one would you trade for?