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Offishial news, 12/1/21: Marlins keep improving and not done yet

The latest Miami Marlins coverage with less than 18 hours of pre-lockout activity remaining.

Joey Wendle #18 of the Tampa Bay Rays talks to reporters during the Gatorade All-Star Workout Day outside of Coors Field Photo by Dustin Bradford/Getty Images

  • SportsGrid’s Craig Mish took questions on the state of the Marlins for nearly two hours Tuesday night in a Twitter Spaces conversation hosted by Takes Were Made (there is no saved recording of it, so you’ll just need to trust me). He confirmed the Marlins’ rumored interest in Kyle Schwarber and specified that Schwarber would play left field if signed, though he is “not optimistic” in them ultimately winning the bidding war for him. He was not aware of any negotiations with Kenley Jansen which had been reported by Los Angeles’ David Vassegh earlier in the day. Mish said the Marlins expect the universal designated hitter to be in effect for 2022 and Garrett Cooper will get the bulk of the plate appearances there. Via trade, the Marlins are still pursuing impact players that Mish describes as “better” than any of the acquisitions they’ve made thus far. They are increasingly willing to part with prospects who are early in the development process in order to maximize their chances of winning immediately.
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