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Photos: Marlins play Braves in Miami Giants throwback uniforms

The uniforms paid tribute to the black semi-pro team that played in Historic Overtown during the 1930s.


The 100th anniversary of the Negro Leagues was recognized all around Major League Baseball on Sunday. For most teams, that meant pregame ceremonies and special patches sewn onto their uniforms. But the Marlins took it a step further during their game against the Braves.

The Miami Giants were a semi-pro baseball team in the 1930s, calling Dorsey Park—which is still standing in Historic Overtown—their home field. While not a part of the Negro Leagues themselves, they frequently faced the stars of the league in barnstorming games.

The Marlins competed in Giants throwback uniforms on Sunday afternoon—white jerseys with black caps, socks and lettering.

Black members of the club include outfielders Monte Harrison and Lewis Brinson, relievers Stephen Tarpley and Sterling Sharp, and coaches Billy Hatcher and James Rowson (Rowson served as Marlins acting manager from the top of the fifth inning onward after Don Mattingly got ejected for arguing balls and strikes).

The Marlins lost to Atlanta, 4-0, but remain in the NL East lead by percentage points.