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Quiz: Best hitting pitchers in Marlins history

Celebrating all the Marlins starting pitchers who were capable of helping their own cause at the plate.

Photo by Howard Earl Simmons/NY Daily News Archive via Getty Images

To help fill the void created by the delayed 2020 regular season, I dusted off the Fish Stripes Sporcle account! Each Saturday, I’ll share an original Marlins quiz with all of you.

You’ve seen the news by now and probably have a strong opinion about it: Major League Baseball has implemented a universal designated hitter for 2020. This will be the first season in Marlins history that the club’s pitchers do not bat for themselves.

This actually appears to be a competitive benefit for the Fish. It’s been more than five years since any of their pitchers have hit one out of the park. Since then, Miami has perennially ranked near the bottom of the National League in offensive production from the No. 9 spot in the lineup (even once it’s adjusted for park factors). Also, the extra plate appearances will ease Don Mattingly’s challenge to get reps for his surplus of outfielders.

Our latest Fish Stripes quiz pays homage to the pitchers who consistently “helped their own cause.” Try to name the top 17 players in career hits as a Marlins pitcher.

The quiz is embedded below. If it doesn’t load for you, click here to play.