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MLB commissioner Rob Manfred addresses Marlins’ COVID-19 outbreak

Pending another round of COVID-19 test results, the Marlins are scheduled to resume their season in Baltimore on Wednesday, Manfred says.

Originally aired on MLB Network (July 27, 2020)

While the Marlins anxiously wait for more COVID-19 test results, MLB commissioner Rob Manfred spoke to Tom Verducci on MLB Network about how the league is managing this outbreak. “Acceptable” results—from the batch that’s expected to come in late Monday night/Tuesday morning—would allow the team to face the Orioles on Wednesday, Manfred vaguely explained. For the time being, the Marlins remain at their Philadelphia hotel.

The league office has “theories” regarding what allowed the virus to wreak havoc on Miami’s active roster and coaching staff, but “nothing definitive.”

Watch the rest of Manfred’s segment below: