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Dax Fulton gets $2.4 million bonus from Marlins; Zach McCambley passes physical

It’s been nearly six weeks since the Marlins selected them in the second and third round, respectively.

MLB: Miami Marlins-Workouts Jasen Vinlove-USA TODAY Sports

It’s finally coming together for the Marlins. Left-hander Dax Fulton and right-hander Zach McCambley—their second- and third-round picks from the 2020 MLB Draft—will soon have official deals with the organization, Swings and Mishes host Craig Mish reported Monday. It’s a $2.4 million signing bonus for Fulton, according to Jon Heyman. We are still awaiting word on McCambley’s bonus.


The above photo from Fulton’s Instagram account was taken while he was completing his physical exam. His signing is pending the results of said physical and could be announced on Wednesday, per Mish.

As the No. 40 overall pick, the slot value for Fulton was $1.86 million, so the Marlins went approximately $540,000 overslot to lock up the projectable 18-year-old. Meanwhile, first-rounder Max Meyer received $520,000 below his slot value when he signed earlier this month. The similarities of those figures is by design—MLB teams must be conscious of their spending under the current amateur draft system or else they could be penalized with the loss of future picks.

Right-hander Kyle Nicolas joined the Fish last week. That still leaves left-hander Jake Eder ($560,000 slot) and right-hander Kyle Hurt ($418,200 slot) in negotiations. The signing deadline is Aug. 1.

As a reminder, Marlins director of amateur scouting DJ Svihlik initially estimated that all six signings would be wrapped up during the month of June. Instead, the process has been drawn out relative to other teams, in part because the Marlins tried to pressure several of their draftees into taking contracts with 2021 start dates.

Assuming that no physical abnormalities are discovered, there is little doubt that Eder and Hurt will eventually sign.