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Our Noticias, 7/1/2020: Jeter speaks; 60-man player pool finalized

The Marlins sign a new reliever, and we catch you up on other intriguing narratives heading into the season.

Miami Marlins v Philadelphia Phillies Photo by Rich Schultz/Getty Images

Baseball is FINALLY back, and the Marlins news cycle is churning once again. A lot has happened in just the last couple days, so let’s get you caught up.

CBS also previewed the team. They expect improvement, but it still likely won’t be pretty.

Our own Hector Rodriguez, however, found plenty to get excited about. We’ve also resumed our player preview series, while also giving you the heads up on our opponents this season, starting in the ATL.

  • Barry Jackson of the Miami Herald noted that the Marlins have the second-most difficult schedule in the majors, per FanGraphs. Only the Orioles have it worse. He also joined Craig Mish in questioning why Peyton Burdick was left off the 60-man after the impressive season the 23-year-old had in the minors last year.

Marlins CEO Derek Jeter said in an interview posted on the team’s YouTube channel that even though the MiLB season was canceled, he hopes minor-league guys will get their reps as the Marlins continue to rebuild (see 8:35).

Jeter has a unique perspective as both a former player and a current owner. So I was glad to hear him say (around 10:35) he thought the negotiations were embarrassing at times, especially given the coronavirus situation. I would love know what specific things he thought should have gone on behind the scenes in those negotiations, however.

Walk-off links:

There’s a new FishBites pod!

Former GM David Samson something ridiculous.

Miguel Rojas also cannot wait to get back on the field.

And after all that news, who couldn’t use one of these right now to celebrate the return of Marlins baseball?