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Fish Bites Episode 73: Why short season is legit

To reach the light at the other end of their rebuild, the Marlins must not take 2020 season for granted.

Major League Baseball is officially back. A roundtable conversation featuring Alex Krutchik, Alex Contreras, Ethan Budowsky, Danilo Santos, Hector Rodriguez and Ely Sussman explores how the Marlins will be affected by the universal designated hitter, which prospects can become immediate big league contributors in 2020, the legitimacy of a 60-game “sprint” and what the Fish must accomplish collectively and individually to consider their campaign a success.

Enjoy Episode 73!

The updated 2020 ZiPS projections—available at FanGraphs—have the Marlins finishing with a 24-36 record (worst in the National League). Sportsbook Bet Online sets their win total at over/under 24.5. Most of us on the pod agreed that the team should perform slightly better than that for fans to be satisfied.

Seems that the Marlins will play their regular season opener on July 24. Between now and then, you’re welcome to make season predictions here.

Shortly after we finished recording, Marlins insider Craig Mish reported that one Marlins player and one additional staff member tested positive for COVID-19. Their identities haven’t been revealed, but the player was working out at their facility in Jupiter earlier this month. Only individuals on the 40-man roster had that access.

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