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Fish Bites Episode 72: Let’s (try to) play ball!

The usual MLB marathon is being adapted into a 60-game sprint for 2020, and the volatility of such a small sample could benefit the Marlins.

Monday night, MLB commissioner Rob Manfred announced that the club owners “unanimously voted to proceed with the 2020 season under the terms of the March 26th agreement.” Translation: play ball! We are still awaiting full details about the unorthodox competition and safety rules that will be implemented. Also, let’s not be naive—the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic could derail everything. In the meantime, Ely shares some general thoughts on what this means for the Marlins (3:40), then answers various fan questions submitted via Twitter (14:00).

Enjoy Episode 72!

Here’s the full statement from Major League Baseball, as Manfred reluctantly honored the March agreement after months of pressuring the players’ union to accept less than full pro-rata salaries:

Assuming the union’s cooperation—ESPN’s Jeff Passan expresses optimism about that—and no COVID-19-related setbacks, meaningful MLB games are only one month away.

The final segment of the pod is dedicated to some of Fish Stripes’ recent “Random Marlin of the day” selections: John Burkett, Mat Latos, Matt Lindstrom, Bryan Petersen and Eric Reed.

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