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Marlins “essentially done” signing all 2020 MLB Draft picks

Marlins director of amateur scouting DJ Svihlik expects deals with Miami’s six new pitchers to be finalized by the end of June.

Photo by Mark Brown/Getty Images

Less than two days after the 2020 MLB Draft began, the Marlins are close to officially adding Max Meyer, Dax Fulton, Kyle Nicolas, Zach McCambley, Jake Eder and Kyle Hurt to the organization, having already reached agreements with all six picks on their respective signing bonus amounts, says director of amateur scouting DJ Svihlik. He told reporters Friday afternoon that the signings are expected to be done later this month.

The Fish have a bonus pool of $12,016,900, but can spend up to five percent over that total—$12,617,745, to be exact—without losing any future picks. The surplus spending would be subject to a 75% overage tax.

It’s a refreshing change from 2019. The Marlins signed all of their high-priority draftees in that class too, but negotiations with Compensation Round A pick, outfielder Kameron Misner, dragged on until mere minutes prior to the signing deadline. No such drama this time around.

Each of these new pitching prospects was analyzed in our latest Earning Their Stripes podcast episode, where I was joined by Spencer Morris, Ian Smith and Ethan Budowsky.

The Marlins aren’t completely done adding amateur talent—the undrafted free agent signing period begins Sunday at 9 a.m. ET. However, Svihlik anticipates relatively few acquisitions from that pool. “No more than 10” considering how many quality players the organization already has and the pending contraction of Minor League Baseball in 2021, plus the expectation that the vast majority of undrafted prep guys will honor their college commitments.