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Why I Love Baseball: Jeremy Sanchez

“Every win feels like a World Series win to me.”

Washington Nationals v Florida Marlins Photo by Ronald C. Modra/Getty Images

While we’re all home eagerly awaiting baseball’s return, Fish Stripes invites Marlins fans to step into the spotlight. We may share a common love for the sport, but every backstory is unique. Let’s use them to entertain and uplift one another!

Zack Raab has created “Why I Love Baseball,” an original survey for Marlins fans. Participate for a chance to be featured on Fish Stripes.

What is your Twitter handle?


Who are your favorite baseball players (all-time)?

Hanley Ramírez. I was 8 when Hanley got traded to the Marlins and he was the first superstar that made me want to play baseball. Him being Dominican also helped since I am too!

What position(s) did/do you play on the field?

2B, 3B and RF.

What was the first baseball autograph that you got in person?

Jhonny Peralta. My dad had taken me out of school and didn’t tell me why. Come to find out he was taking me to meet Yunel Escobar and Jhonny Peralta. He gave me a signed bat and let me take a couple practice swings with it too. I was so happy!

What is your favorite baseball stadium that you’ve ever visited?

Marlins Park. The vibe is unmatched.

What is the most memorable game you have ever attended?

Bryan Holaday hitting a walk-off single against the Mets (most memorable because we beat the Mets).

What is the coolest promotional item you’ve ever gotten at a baseball game?

Florida Marlins ice cream baseball helmet.

Who is your favorite baseball writer, reporter, or broadcaster?

Luis Davila!! Best account on Twitter. He’s fair and when he makes a take, he can always defend it.

If you could have a short Zoom chat with a player (past or present), who would that be?

Hanley Ramírez. Ask him how 2012 went from great to terrible in a span of a month and why he initially didn’t want to move to 3B that year.

What are three words that you’d use to describe the game of baseball?

Beautiful, mesmerizing, fun.

What is your favorite part about attending a live baseball game?

Hearing the crowd react to balls and strikes being called.

Who/What influenced your love of the game of baseball the most?

My family had a couple of minor leaguers that I grew up watching. Fell in love ever since!

What is the most impactful life lesson you’ve learned from baseball?

Patience. You have to play your cards right and play the long game even if it sucks at first.

What does being a Marlins fan mean to you?

Best team in the world. Rock with them til the day I die!! Every win feels like a World Series win to me.

In 1-2 sentences, why is baseball an important and meaningful part of your life?

A lot of things don’t make sense in life, but baseball does. It’s fun and pure.

Any other Marlins-related memories you want to share?

I miss the 2012 and 2016 Marlins. So much potential, but it couldn’t work out. Would’ve love to seen what could’ve happened if we stuck together.