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Why I Love Baseball: Gio

Even Marlins fans “idolize” how Angels phenom Mike Trout has performed and conducted himself through the years.


While we’re all home eagerly awaiting baseball’s return, Fish Stripes invites Marlins fans to step into the spotlight. We may share a common love for the sport, but every backstory is unique. Let’s use them to entertain and uplift one another!

Zack Raab has created “Why I Love Baseball,” an original survey for Marlins fans. Participate for a chance to be featured on Fish Stripes.

What is your Twitter handle?


Who are your favorite baseball players (all-time)?

Mike Trout, Ken Griffey Jr. and Pedro Martinez.

What position(s) did/do you play on the field?


What was the first baseball autograph that you got in person?

Dan Uggla.

What is your favorite baseball stadium that you’ve ever visited?

Tie between PNC Park and Oracle Park.

What is the most memorable game you have ever attended?

Edinson Volquez #36 of the Miami Marlins celebrates with Derek Dietrich #32 after throwing a no hitter against the Arizona Diamondbacks at Marlins Park on June 3, 2017 Photo by Eric Espada/Getty Images

Edinson Vólquez’s no-hitter.

What is the coolest promotional item you’ve ever gotten at a baseball game?

Hanley Ramírez replica glove.

Who is your favorite baseball writer, reporter, or broadcaster?

Brian Anderson from Milwaukee, who also does TBS games. He calls the game with passion, also does basketball games, and his voice just sounds appealing.

If you could have a short Zoom chat with a player (past or present), who would that be?

Mike Trout. A player I grew up idolizing since he first stepped onto the scene back in 2012. Really played/continues to play a huge role in my life.

What is your favorite part about attending a live baseball game?

The energy from the fans, the ability to connect with people you don’t know.

Who/What influenced your love of the game of baseball the most?

2008-2009 Florida Marlins.

What is the most impactful life lesson you’ve learned from baseball?

Never take the game for granted.

What does being a Marlins fan mean to you?

Everything. It’s the escape in my life. I’ve only seen two winning teams in my lifetime and I’m hungry to see a world champion soon.