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Fish Bites Episode 71: One-and-done Marlins

Our takes on Marlins minor league pay, 2020 MLB season negotiations and the best single-season players in Fish history.

Photo by Sporting News via Getty Images/Sporting News via Getty Images via Getty Images

Ely and Alex applaud the Marlins for committing to pay all their prospects through the summer and vent about the ongoing MLB/MLBPA negotiations. Inspired by a tweet, they fill out two full lineups of notable players who came and went after only a single season in South Florida.

Enjoy Episode 71!

The Marlins and Padres thus far have made the most substantial commitments to minor leaguers. Each of the 30 MLB teams will be setting their own policies by the end of the week (league-wide $400/week stipends expire on May 31).

MLB owners and players remain far apart on determining compensation for the 2020 season. Star right-hander Max Scherzer tweeted his emphatic disapproval of the owners’ latest proposal (which would disproportionately penalize Scherzer and other high-salaried players).

Inspired by Megan Brown, we’ve done a deep dive on “one-and-done” Marlins. Moises Alou, Carlos Delgado, Todd Hollandsworth, Mike Piazza, Iván Rodríguez, Sergio Romo, Ugueth Urbina and Javier Vázquez are among those mentioned.

Lastly, please check out Francisco Oporta’s FanPost nudging the team to acknowledge team and individual accomplishments in a more substantial way.

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