Marlins Banner Concepts to Adorn Marlins Park

Hello everyone, I'm one of the writers/graphic designers for Fish Stripes sister site Litter Box Cats covering the Florida Panthers. However, my first love are the Marlins and there has been something digging at me since the opening of Marlins Park in 2012 and that is the lack of recognition of the team's history that can be viewed from the field.

Yes, the Marlins have two fake flags that represent their two championship seasons but they're incredibly disappointing.

Dinky flags

I blame this squarely on the Loria regime who tended to disregard anything that had to do with the Florida Marlins prior to 2012. Lots of teams in the league know how to properly honor their past. Take the Toronto Blue Jays for example as their banners hang prominently from the Rogers Center ceiling and look visually appealing.



This is how Marlins Park would look with my changes to show off the team and Marlins baseball history.

Banner Concepts

World Series Banners

I have restored the World Series banner that was showcased at Pro Player Stadium from 1998-2003. I just made a second version of it to represent the 2003 championship.

Marlins World Series Banners

National League Pennants

The Marlins have never visually represented their National League Championships before. With the ceiling space at Marlins Park and the club no longer sharing with two football teams there is finally a chance to acknowledge these.

NL Pennants

NL East Division Titles

The Marlins have never won their own division before but it's only a matter of time. Might as well leave a space for the club to aspire to that goal.

NL East

NL Wild Cards

Other teams have acknowledged their wild card appearances. As for the future I would want the Marlins to only recognize a wild card title if they actually win the Wild Card game.

Wild Cards

Retired Numbers

I have re-retired #5 to honor Carl Barger. The Marlins should have never honored the request by a past player to use it. These numbers are retired for a reason.

I have also added Jose Fernandez's #16 as an officially retired number. The tragedy of his and his friend's deaths is filled with controversy but many other franchises in sports have similar tragedies and players in their past.

I have retired #29 to represent Satchel Paige to represent Miami baseball history with the original Miami Marlins that started in 1956. If the Marlins are going to grow the game of baseball in South Florida they need to do a better job of documenting the past before 1993.

And of course #42 is retired league-wide to honor Jackie Robinson.

Retired Numbers

Original Miami Marlins

To further honor the "Marlins" name I figure acknowledging the two Marlins Minor league franchises that played at old Miami Stadium could play over well.

Mimi Marlins FSL Champs


Any of these would definitely add to the efforts the Sherman/Derek Jeter regime has done to spruce up Marlins Park and make it on par with the best ball fields in the majors.

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