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Quiz: 2019 Statcast MLB rankings for Marlins players

Fun with numbers!

Miami Marlins v San Francisco Giants Photo by Jason O. Watson/Getty Images

To help fill the void created by the delayed 2020 regular season, I dusted off the Fish Stripes Sporcle account! Each Saturday, I’ll share an original Marlins quiz with all of you.

The quiz below is only working properly on desktop.

Baseball Savant is the ultimate resource for analytically minded fans. During a normal MLB season, I use the free website every single day for research. Earlier this week, its developers enhanced their individual profile pages to visualize where players rank relative to the rest of the league in a variety of Statcast categories using percentiles from 0-100. The color coding—blue meaning worse than average, red meaning better than average—provides an instant snapshot of the player’s skill set.

Baseball Savant

Can you identify Marlins players based only on their 2019 Statcast MLB rankings? Even though most of us don’t have these percentile figures committed to memory, each graphic contains hints so that anybody who watched the team consistently last season should have a fighting chance. Take advantage of the generous time limit!

All 17 mystery players featured in the quiz spent the majority of the 2019 regular season on the Marlins active roster. Click here to play it on Sporcle.