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Fish Bites Episode 69: MLB shortened season scenarios

Reacting to the latest reported efforts by Major League Baseball to organize a safe, legitimate 2020 season in these unprecedented times.

Colorado Rockies v Miami Marlins Photo by Mark Brown/Getty Images

Major League Baseball officials are considering several different scenarios to salvage something from the delayed 2020 season. Ely and Alex Contreras discuss what that would mean for the Marlins (1:15) and summarize the franchise’s ongoing efforts to assist the surrounding South Florida community through the COVID-19 pandemic (30:00).

Enjoy Episode 69!

Check out Friday morning’s news roundup for more specifics about the Impacted Ticket Policy and upcoming drive-thru food distributions at Marlins Park.

Many Marlins players have pitched in by fundraising for relief during this period, but a special shoutout to Francisco Cervelli for getting involved on the front lines, putting his culinary experience to good use by preparing meals for others.

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