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Quiz: Games played leaders at each position

Give us the Marlins who’ve seen the most action at specific positions, and while you’re at it, the club’s all-time, most-used pinch-hitter, too.

Miami Marlins v St Louis Cardinals Photo by Mark Brown/Getty Images

To help fill the void created by the delayed 2020 regular season, I dusted off the Fish Stripes Sporcle account! Each Saturday, I’ll share an original Marlins quiz with all of you.

This should be the easiest exercise yet: name the all-time franchise leaders in games played at each position. Just looking for guys with the most appearances at specific spots across the defensive spectrum as well as the Marlins’ most-used pinch-hitter. None of the correct answers are currently on the Fish roster, so there’s a hint right there.

The quiz is embedded below. If it doesn’t load for you, click here to play.