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Why I Love Baseball: William Blas

William shares some of his favorite memories from games at Marlins Park and explains why he admired José Fernández so much.

Photo courtesy of William Blas

While we’re all home eagerly awaiting baseball’s return, Fish Stripes invites Marlins fans to step into the spotlight. We may share a common love for the sport, but every backstory is unique. Let’s use them to entertain and uplift one another!

Zack Raab has created “Why I Love Baseball,” an original survey for Marlins fans. Participate for a chance to be featured on Fish Stripes.

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Who are your favorite baseball players (all-time)?

José Fernández—grew up idolizing him; Emilio Bonifacio—I always thought he was cool; Pablo López—the nicest guy ever; Miguel Cabrera—Venezuelaaaaaaa

What position(s) did/do you play on the field?

All of them, but mostly first base, pitcher, and catcher

What was the first baseball autograph that you got in person?

A group of Marlins. They came to my dad’s job and we went to meet them. Stanton was there!

What is your favorite baseball stadium that you’ve ever visited?

Marlins Park—it’s the only one I’ve gone to, but it’s beautiful and will always be my favorite

What is the most memorable game you have ever attended?

Edinson Vólquez’s no-hitter, Stanton’s walk-off grand slam, and the 2017 All-Star Game

What is the coolest promotional item you’ve ever gotten at a baseball game?

All of the bobbleheads

Who is your favorite baseball writer, reporter, or broadcaster?

Craig Mish—great guy and he knows his stuff

If you could have a short Zoom chat with a player (past or present), who would that be?

José Fernández—it’d be cool to have a full chat with him

What are three words that you’d use to describe the game of baseball?

Fun, relaxing, and beautiful

What is your favorite part about attending a live baseball game?

Not knowing what could happen and wandering around

Who/What influenced your love of the game of baseball the most?

José Fernández—he was THE GUY I always looked up to

What is the most impactful life lesson you’ve learned from baseball?

Losing is a part of life. It could sting, but there’s always tomorrow.

What does being a Marlins fan mean to you?

Supporting through the best and worst times

In 1-2 sentences, why is baseball an important and meaningful part of your life?

Baseball is my life.

Any other Marlins-related memories you want to share?

There was a game (Justin Bour bobblehead day) where I ended up getting a full box of pizza that they were giving to fans (I shared with the section I was in), and then I ended up getting a ball thrown up by Yadiel Rivera. I made some friends, too.