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Why I Love Baseball—Marlins fan edition

Photo by Danis Sosa/Fish Stripes

Every Marlins fan has a unique story, memorable experiences, and a special personal connection to the game.

So, while we’re all home eagerly awaiting baseball’s return, Fish Stripes wants to put a spotlight on fellow Marlins fans, reflecting on our passion for the game and infusing an extra bit of baseball positivity into our days.

If you’d like to take part and reminisce about your love of the game, please participate in the “Why I Love Baseball” survey. Answer the questions for a chance to be featured via Fish Stripes and appear on (No personal information is requested and you don’t need to answer all of the questions.)

Stay safe, stay healthy, and hopefully, Marlins baseball and the great game we all love will be back before we know it!

—Zack Raab and Fish Stripes

Find all of the featured survey responses in the space below, or visit the Why I Love Baseball section directly.