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Red Sox punishment boosts Marlins’ 2020 MLB Draft position, bonus pool

In a year of reduced draft rounds, every small advantage matters.

The Red Sox went 4-0 against the Fish in 2018, potentially with the aid of illegal sign stealing.
Photo by Rob Foldy/Miami Marlins via Getty Images

En route to the 2018 World Series championship, the Boston Red Sox participated in illegal sign stealing. Finally on Wednesday, Major League Baseball announced the findings of a months-long investigation confirming those indiscretions. Overall, the punishment is extremely mild, but it helps the Marlins nonetheless.

The Red Sox have forfeited their second-round pick in the 2020 MLB Draft, which had been the No. 52 overall selection. As a result, all the subsequent draft picks move up one spot.

Much is still undecided about this particular draft. A deal struck between MLB and the MLBPA last month ensured that it will take place, but the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic could influence whether it’s scheduled for June or July and how many rounds there will be—the league has the power to reduce it to as few as five.

At a minimum, Marlins picks previously expected to be No. 62 overall (Competitive Balance Round B), No. 76 (third round), No. 105 (fourth round) and No. 135 (fifth round) will move up to No. 61, No. 75, No. 104 and No. 134, respectively. With those changes comes more financial flexibility to sign players.

Here are the 2020 Marlins picks whose slot values will be increasing:

  • CBA Round B: $1,102,700—>$1,129,700
  • Third Round: $818,200—>$831,100
  • Fourth Round: $554,300—>$560,000
  • Fifth Round: $414,000—>$418,200
  • Sixth Round: $312,400—>$315,400
  • Seventh Round: $243,000—>$244,900
  • Eighth Round: $191,500—>$192,900
  • Ninth Round: $161,400—>$162,000
  • 10th Round: $149,300—>$149,500

Even in a five-round scenario, the Marlins are getting nearly $50k added to their bonus pool. Though they won’t get the opportunity to avenge those four losses to the Red Sox from the 2018 season, this consolation prize comes at a convenient time. This draft class will be relied upon to replenish Miami’s organizational depth and help offset the handful of elite prospects who are on the verge of graduating to The Show.