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Why I Love Baseball: Zack Raab

Zack reflects on his favorite Marlins players, Team Israel’s improbable run during the 2017 World Baseball Classic and more.

While we’re all home eagerly awaiting baseball’s return, Fish Stripes invites Marlins fans to step into the spotlight. We may share a common love for the sport, but every backstory is unique. Let’s use them to entertain and uplift one another!

Zack Raab has created “Why I Love Baseball,” an original survey for Marlins fans. Participate for a chance to be featured on Fish Stripes.

What is your Twitter handle?


What is your favorite MLB team (or teams)?

Miami Marlins

What is your favorite MiLB team (or teams)?

Jacksonville Jumbo Shrimp

Who are your favorite baseball players (all-time)?

Dan Uggla, José Fernández

What position(s) did/do you play on the field?

Second Base, Third Base, Outfield

What was the first baseball autograph that you got in person?

Antonio Alfonseca—he signed a ball for me and threw it up to me from the bullpen at Pro Player Stadium.

World Baseball Classic - Pool E - Game 1 - Cuba v Israel Photo by Matt Roberts/Getty Images

What is your favorite baseball stadium that you’ve ever visited?

The Tokyo Dome during the 2017 World Baseball Classic. It was so packed and SO loud there, unlike anything I had previously ever seen or heard at a baseball game in my life!

What is the most memorable game you have ever attended?

Sept. 25, 2016—Team Israel’s win in the final WBC qualifying game, clinching a spot in the 2017 WBC in Seoul.

What is the coolest promotional item you’ve ever gotten at a baseball game?

Marlins 2003 World Series replica ring.

Photo by Victor Baldizon/Getty Images

Who is your favorite baseball writer, reporter, or broadcaster?

Jayson Stark. His joy for the game, through all its ups and downs, is infectious and his “Strange, But True” pieces are the best.

Which account is your favorite to follow across Baseball Twitter?

Marlins, Rockies, Jayson Stark, Jeff Passan, Jon Morosi, Fish Stripes

What is your favorite part about attending a live baseball game?

Being surrounded by so many fellow baseball fans of all different ages, some just there to enjoy a game and the atmosphere, some on the edge of their seat with every pitch, and some following along with the pitch sequence and manager’s strategy.

What are three words that you’d use to describe the game of baseball?

Unexpected. Smart. Magical.

Who/What influenced your love of the game of baseball the most?

My dad. He taught me how to play the game and took me to so many Marlins games when I was growing up, which turned me into the die-hard supporter I am today.

What is the most impactful life lesson you’ve learned from baseball?

No matter how great you are as an individual, coming together as a team will make more magic happen.

In 1-2 sentences, why is baseball an important and meaningful part of your life?

It has taken me on a journey across the globe and introduced me to so many amazing people. Most of my closest friendships and life memories revolve around baseball.