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Contest: Identify these Marlins pitchers to win OOTP 21!

Name the pitchers featured in the GIFs below and get your hands on a copy of the award-winning baseball strategy game.

Original photo by Getty Images

Fish Stripes hopes to keep Marlins fans as fulfilled as possible despite the suspended MLB regular season. You can get daily content on our site, podcast channel and social media accounts...but that doesn’t completely scratch the itch of meaningful games.

That’s where Out of the Park Baseball 21 steps in! The 21st anniversary edition of the award-winning baseball strategy game is here with new rules, game flow, 3D ballpark construction capabilities and more. Immerse yourself in the ultimate simulation.

OOTP 21 is a $39.99 value that you can get free by decoding our Marlins GIFs.

Below you’ll find nine pitches thrown by nine different Marlins pitchers in regular season games during recent years. The handedness and pitch type have been provided. All of them are still active players entering 2020 (though not necessarily with the Marlins).

To be eligible to win, comment on this article with the name of who threw each pitch. First one to get all nine correct receives a free download of OOTP 21! If nobody goes 9-for-9 by 11:59 p.m. ET on Thursday, the commenter(s) with the highest score win.

1) right-handed changeup

2) right-handed slider

3) right-handed changeup

4) right-handed changeup

5) right-handed changeup

6) right-handed four-seam fastball

7) right-handed slider

8) right-handed changeup

9) right-handed curveball