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Looking Ahead to the 2020 Season

The 2020 MLB season is just around the corner and the Miami Marlins are getting into the swing of things with spring training underway. The feeling in the air is different. This is not the same team that had an unremarkable last few seasons. The Marlins are ready to turn it around this year with a new attitude, new players, and a refreshing mindset.

Miami is known for a lot of things, the great weather, the amazing culture, and popular events like the Moneymaker Tour. However, you certainly cannot forget Miami is a city that loves its sports. The ride with the Marlins hasn’t always been the smoothest, but Miami has stuck with them and is ready to be paid back for the support. This season is already promising to be a huge step in the right direction.

The Mission Going Forward

The Marlins have a singular goal in mind, turn this team around and keep pushing forward this season. Since Bruce Sherman and Derek Jeter took over this club, they envisioned the future and knew they had great potential on their hands with the Marlins.

When interviewed recently, Bruce Sherman shared his intentions for this season; he feels the Marlins are ready to compete at the highest level. He even went as far as to say that they are a “championship-quality team”, much to the surprise of sports media. Sherman has a vision of where he wants the Marlins to be this season, and that’s far ahead of the record they held last year.

Not the Same Marlins

The Marlins have been focusing on rebuilding for the last couple of years and this process has already yielded some solid returns. There are a lot of new changes on this team at every position and their minor league team is more stacked than ever. Owner Bruce Sherman has continued to distance himself from the previous owner Jeffrey Loria, and pledged to invest in this team’s future.

While Loria had a reputation for being tight with his teams salaries and expenses, Sherman and Jeter have certainly seemed to honor their promises of investing more to see this team win. The Marlins have added a lot to this team in the off season and are positioned to be a stronger force this year in the league.

New Players and Prospects

First off, there are some heavy hitters that have joined the club. Jonathan Villar, Corey Dickerson and Jesus Aguilar have all been picked up by the Marlins, and are known for being respectable hitters. Overall, Miami’s batting order should be noticeably different with several new starters in the batter’s box. Villar is a versatile player who is willing to play any position for the Marlins, while Aguilar will round out first base and Dickerson is expected to be an outfielder.

Number one prospect Sixto Sanchez is ready to make his presence felt this year on the Marlins, and it’s clear that expectations are high for this young player. Brought on board as part of the J.T. Realmuto trade, management is keeping an eye on Sanchez as one of the top prospects for pitcher this season.

Another prospect is Jesus Sanchez who has a reputation for being a difference maker at bat. He has the talent to strive for both averages and power, meaning that when needed in the moment, he can step it up.

There are numerous other additions like Stephen Tarpley, the left handed pitcher from the Yankees, and Brandon Kintzler who signed a one year deal to be a solid and reliable closer in late game. Overall, there is a lot more depth to the Marlins this year, with great talent in crucial positions and a whole ton of electrifying prospects to watch for. The team is supposedly injury free coming into this season, so cross your fingers that this trend keeps up.

The energy is different this year at Marlins Park. Across Miami and all of Florida, fans and sports media have taken notice and are excited for the promise of a stellar season for the Marlins. One thing is certain—the mindset around here has changed. The Marlins are ready to show up and make a statement in the league this 2020 season.