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Fish Bites Episode 66: Which Marlin would you quarantine with?

Accepting that the 2020 MLB season will be significantly shortened (if it takes place at all), plus crowdsourcing your best/worst Marlins players to quarantine with.

Photo by Joseph Guzy/Marlins

Entering what should have been MLB Opening Week, Marlins baseball is still nowhere in sight. Ely looks at how several veteran players on the team historically perform in March/April/May of a typical season (2:35), and how to adjust expectations for them considering that the 2020 season won’t include those months. On Twitter and Instagram, Fish Stripes asked which Marlins players—past or present—would make the best (and worst) quarantine partners (20:50). We read many of your responses on air. Then at the 36:30 mark, Ely explains his picks of Ichiro Suzuki (best) and Kevin Millar (worst).

Enjoy Episode 66!

Some of the most clever responses from our crowdsourcing exercise:

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