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Baseball Cards: More Popular Than Ever?

One of America’s favorite pastimes is continuing to grow

Baseball cards are a fun way to stay connected to the game we love.

Baseball cards have remained popular over the years for sports collectors all over the world. The ability to collect sets, autographs, memorabilia cards, short printed cards, and more has continued to enamor collectors. Cards have always been a way for fans to feel closer to the game. Many grew up collecting cards, and a lot still collect or have their prized childhood collections tucked away.

Sports cards in general have evolved over the years. Cards now feature certified autographs, pieces of player memorabilia such as a game-used jersey or bat piece, serial numbers, short prints and parallel versions. This has made collecting all the more fun, but also more expensive. Retail packs of cards can be purchased from any local big chain retailer, and prices usually range from $3-$60 depending on the product—the bigger the box, the bigger the cost. A lot of collectors elect to go with a hobby box of cards. A hobby box typically will offer a guaranteed autograph or relic card, and can be found at local hobby shops or online. Hobby boxes can range anywhere from around $50 all the way up to over $1000!!! It all depends on the product, and how many autographs or relics are included in the box.

Now that baseball is currently on hold, picking up a box of cards may be a fun way to help fill the sports void. Baseball cards are great for the whole family, and are a lot of fun to collect!

Check out some Marlins cards from the past and present!