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Our Noticias, 3/20/20: Social distancing workouts; fan survey sign-ups

Coronavirus concerns force Marlins players to invent new workout routines and cancel the highly anticipated 2020 Puerto Rico Series.


Ready for anything, no excuses

It’s perhaps the most-liked tweet by a Marlins prospect...ever? Air Force reserve and 23rd-round draft pick Nic Ready posted a video of himself doing squats with a dead 150-pound hog on his shoulders:

Evan Grant of The Dallas Morning News followed up with him to get the full context behind the viral moment.

Ready’s father, Randy Ready, was a longtime major league player and a former coach in the Marlins organization. Nic made his pro debut in 2019 with Short Season A Batavia and provided great power production in the heart of their lineup (.263/.311/.508, 140 wRC+ in 289 PA).

With so many workout facilities temporarily closed to the public, Fish Stripes found a number of other Marlins farmhands inventing creative exercises to stay in baseball shape.

The ultimate “what if...”

Yes, Jeffrey Loria was in charge of the Marlins during the 2003 championship season. But it should go without saying that his 16-season tenure as owner was mostly disastrous, characterized by inconsistent spending, alienating fans and lots and lots of losing. Can you imagine how the franchise’s history would’ve been different (read: better) without him?

Former Marlins president David Samson describes what happened during the 1993 auction where Peter Angelos bought the Orioles. Against his better judgement, Loria kept upping the price, tens of millions of dollars beyond what the O’s had been valued at.

Angelos remains in charge of the O’s 27 years later, while Loria invested in the Montreal Expos, failed to make progress there on a publicly funded stadium project and landed in South Florida a short time later.

2020 FanPulse sign-ups

Just like last year, SB Nation wants to help bring together the insights and feelings of our most plugged-in readers. It’s obvious that no one knows the vibe and pulse of a team better than its fans.

To take part in these email surveys during the 2020 season, click this link to register (if you aren’t registered already). For the fourth question—“MLB team you root for”—make sure to select “Miami Marlins.”

Walk-off links

  • The highly anticipated Mets/Marlins series that was set to take place in San Juan, Puerto Rico at the end of April is a casualty of the delayed season. It’s particularly disappointing for second baseman Isan Díaz, who’s a native of the island. You may recall that the Marlins were also scheduled to play in Puerto Rico in 2016, but that series was cancelled, too (due to Zika virus concerns).
  • The “Best Hair in Baseball” bracket from MLB Network Radio features Marlins right-handers Ryne Stanek and José Ureña. No love for Isan?!
Fish Stripes original GIF
  • On Thursday, MLB announced that all minor leaguers will be paid lump sums equivalent to the allowances they would’ve received during a full spring training. An industry-wide plan for the player’s regular season compensation is still being developed.
  • Fish Stripes contributor Tyler Wilson recorded a Marlins mailbag podcast episode, covering roster battles and complications of a shortened season. Reach out to him anytime on Twitter (@KingOfBuffalo) and I’m sure he’ll answer whatever’s on your mind.