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MLB The Show 20 rates every player on Marlins roster

The newly released video game approximates how effective Marlins players will be during the 2020 season.

The spread of coronavirus has shut down practically all organized sporting events, the Marlins included. One way to fill the void is to create your own action in the gaming world.

MLB The Show 20 was released this week for the PS4. Gameplay is similar to previous editions, but at least the rosters are updated to reflect the transactions from a busy MLB offseason. Of course, there’s a difference between simply getting the names right and building characters whose skill sets are true to real life.

This video scrolls through the players on all 30 teams’ rosters, with the Marlins beginning at the 16:07 mark.

I have also trimmed the Marlins-only clip for your convenience.

Jonathan Villar leads the squad with an overall rating of 86, receiving particularly high marks for his arm strength, speed and stealing. Dylan Lee is the low man at 51.

For context, other 86’s around the league include Trevor Bauer, Patrick Corbin, Matt Olson and Kolten Wong. Kevin Ginkel of the Diamondbacks and Dillon Maples of the Cubs are fellow 51’s.

This Marlins roster is only a 90% match for the actual one. The Show puts Dustin Beggs, Sean Rodríguez, Josh Roeder and Lee on there instead of Jeff Brigham, Jorge Guzman, Jordan Holloway and Humberto Mejía. As someone who doesn’t own the game, I can’t explain why those differences exist.

We are grateful to have Danny Martinez, who manually revised the roster to include several missing Marlins and adjust player ratings. Search for “Godfather 2.0” in the MLB The Show vault.

Some things aren’t fixable, unfortunately. They made Jordan Yamamoto look like Masahiro Tanaka!

Marlins right-hander Sterling Sharp and shortstop Jazz Chisholm have both playfully expressed their frustration with low ratings.

By the way, Sharp is hosting a charity tournament here this weekend for those interested in following along.