Player Trade Values

I'd like to share an interesting website if you haven't already seen it. It's called Baseball Trade Values. Using a complicated (or at least voluminous) formula, technicians assign a monetary trade value to all current players and many prospects.

According to the Marlins list, here are the top guys by virtue of current trade value: S Sanchez $63.6M P Lopez $63 S Alcantara $42.4 Anderson $32.4 Bleday $32.2 Chisholm $29.6 M Meyer $29.3 and on down the line.

Measuring face validity against yesterday's Blake Snell trade: Snell trade value of 52.9. Rays return: Patino 48.2 Wilcox 5.4 Mejia 3.6 and Hunt 3.7 for total of 60.9. giving the Rays the slight edge.

Former Marlins of note: Luis Castillo 114.8 Zac Gallen 74.4 Chris Paddack 52.7 Nick Anderson 23.8

Coulda maybe shoulda been Marlins: CJ Abrams 61.6 and Asa Lacy 35.5