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Offishial news, 12/18/20: Mattingly wants “action”; holiday gift ideas for Fish fans

The Marlins manager went through the media car wash Thursday as an extension of the virtual MLB winter meetings.

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One week until Christmas and the Marlins still have a lot of unfilled items on their offseason wish list...

Walk-off links

  • Manager Don Mattingly went through the media “car wash” on Thursday, holding a virtual press conference with local media at noon and then hopping around to various national MLB outlets. The beard is growing in nicely! Mattingly exuded confidence in the Marlins’ young pitching staff and spoke bluntly about how the league needs to explore ways to infuse more “action” into games to break up the monotony of the three true outcomes (walks, strikeouts and home runs).
  • The Marlins sum up their 2020 philanthropy which put a special emphasis on addressing food insecurity and COVID-19 testing in their local community.