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Our Noticias, 10/16/20: Peers support Mattingly for NL MOY

National League Division Series Game 1: Atlanta Braves v. Miami Marlins Photo by Michael Starghill/MLB Photos via Getty Images

Donnie deservedly voted NL Manager of the Year (Sporting News)

Entering the 2020 MLB regular season, the Marlins were widely projected to finish in the range of 23-27 wins. Even some of their most ardent supporters couldn’t envision a path to the .500 mark. Then, the infamous COVID-19 outbreak sidelined essential players and made their remaining schedule even more rigorous.

The impact of a baseball manager is difficult to capture because major league teams rely so much on collaboration. But when a group inexplicably overachieves, that’s often where the credit goes.

Sporting News has announced their annual MLB award winners based on a survey of active players, managers and executives. After receiving 50% of the total votes, Don Mattingly is their NL Manager of the Year (Dodgers skipper Dave Roberts was the runner-up).

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Be careful not to confuse this honor with the league’s official NL Manager of the Year award, which is controlled by the Baseball Writers’ Association of America. Particularly over the last decade, the SN survey and the BBWAA balloting have frequently selected different winners. In this case, I expect Mattingly’s unique campaign to earn him recognition from them as well, joining former Marlins Jack McKeon (2003) and Joe Girardi (2006). It will be another month or so until we find out for sure.

Walk-off links

  • Hear from catcher Chad Wallach tonight at 8 p.m. ET when he’ll participate in an Instagram Live interview with The Pro’s List.
  • Marlins TV voice Paul Severino joins the Fish Across the Pond podcast to reflect on this unique season.
  • Marlins left-hander Dylan Lee has established his own non-profit organization “to help fund faith-based programs that assist families and children in finding Christ.” If willing and able to make a donation to the Dylan Lee Foundation, contact him at or 559-393-0811.