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Quiz: Pitchers to start a Marlins postseason game

Can you name every pitcher who has started for the Marlins in the playoffs?

Division Series - Atlanta Braves v Miami Marlins - Game Three Photo by Bob Levey/Getty Images

All of a sudden, we are back in offseason mode. It won’t be boring, but it will be different. The break from daily major league games allows me the opportunity to breathe and dedicate time to eccentric content when the mood strikes. More often than not, Saturdays between now and spring training will include a new Marlins quiz courtesy of the Fish Stripes Sporcle account!

I expect plenty of high scores this week. Your mission: identify the 13 pitchers in Marlins history who have started a game for the team in the MLB postseason. A few of them joined this exclusive club very, very recently.

During their three October appearances (1997, 2003 and 2020), the Marlins have played 38 total games and posted a 24-14 record, though the starters themselves are 11-13. (Please don’t use win-loss record to analyze players—I just found those splits to be especially amusing.)

The quiz is embedded below. If it doesn’t load for you, click here to play.