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Miguel Rojas unblocks @fishstripes on Twitter

The most surprising “transaction” of the Marlins offseason so far!

Photo by Patrick McDermott/Getty Images

What was the highlight of your New Year’s celebration? Maybe you went out for a delicious meal, loaded up on college football bowl games or shared an intimate moment with your significant other.

This was mine:

I spend a lot of time on Twitter, probably too much, flipping between the @fishstripes account, the @pitcherlist account and my personal one. For the most part, my experience on that social media platform has been drama-free. It’s a way to make and maintain friendships from a long distance, monitor developing news stories, promote Fish Stripes content and learn best practices from other publishers, and of course, see the personal side of professional athletes.

Which brings us to Miguel Rojas. The heart and soul of the Marlins and their unofficial team captain, Miggy Ro is also an active tweeter. He created the account (@MRojasOfficial) shortly after his big league debut in 2014. Since then, his posts have been a window into the career of a gritty utility man and the life of a proud father.

So wholesome! Rojas has 12.4k followers, as of early Wednesday morning—he deserves 12.4 million!

And yet, somewhere along the way, I must have done something wrong. In late April/early May of 2018, about 20 months ago, he blocked Fish Stripes. For the better part of two seasons—arguably the best two seasons of Miggy Ro’s career—I could only keep tabs on him via my personal account, capturing his notable tweets in screenshots and uploading them to the Fish Stripes audience.

There were efforts made to reconcile. At least a handful of tweets went out imploring Marlins fans to vouch for Fish Stripes. Many of them no avail.

Eventually, I accepted this new reality, but not Zack Raab. A friend of the blog and an expert networker, he tagged Rojas in a tweet on Sunday that seems to have done the trick.

Happy New Year, indeed. And while you’re at it, please follow Zack.

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