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End-of-season social media posts from Marlins players, on-air personalities

Pics or it didn’t happen—Marlins rookies and vets alike took to Twitter and Instagram to acknowledge the end of the 2019 campaign.

Photo courtesy of @CoopaLoop1/Twitter

A critical component of Fish Stripes’ Marlins offseason coverage is monitoring social media. Where do players settle down during the winter months? What aspects of their game and conditioning are they determined to improve? And how do they find fulfillment outside of a baseball environment? Following the athletes themselves or their close associates provides great insight.

Before all of that heats up, however, it’s typical for players to turn the page on the just-completed season with a tweet or Instagram post. Media personalities have adopted the tradition, too. Even I couldn’t resist producing a 2019 season tribute on behalf of this site.

Below you’ll find plenty of familiar faces reflecting on this past Marlins campaign and eagerly looking forward to 2020.

Jon Berti

Jessica Blaylock (television reporter)

Garrett Cooper

Austin Dean

Robert Dugger

Jarlin García

Glenn Geffner (radio play-by-play)

Curtis Granderson

Pablo López

JT Riddle

Paul Severino (television play-by-play)

Caleb Smith

Jordan Yamamoto