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Baseball never stops: Marlins players staying active this offseason

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Between Arizona Fall League and various winter leagues overseas, Marlins baseball continues through the end of the year!

Photo by Dylan Buell/Getty Images

As the 2019 Marlins regular season approaches its end on Sept. 29, fans are tempted to disconnect from the team and allocate that time to other sports and activities. “It’s over,” you may be thinking. “Nothing more to see here.”

Wrong! For many players within the organization, baseball never stops. Just like last year, Fish Stripes will be consistently updating the whereabouts of your favorite Fish during the offseason. Participating in fall and winter leagues allows them to expand their skill sets and/or compensate for time they missed due to injury. This stuff matters.

These are the Marlins who expect to be involved in live, meaningful games between now and Spring Training. New for 2019-20, I have created where you can find updates on them, including stats, highlights and (small sample size) analysis.