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Our Noticias: Marlins drop another to Reds, Rojas return nears

Plus, a stat of the day, and a Fan Post worth reading

MLB: Cincinnati Reds at Miami Marlins Jasen Vinlove-USA TODAY Sports

Caleb Smith and the Marlins were downed by three Reds home runs in an 8-5 loss Tuesday night. Former Fish farmhand Luis Castillo got the win, despite surrendering five runs of his own.

Smith’s rotation-mate Pablo López returned Monday night after a two-month absence and put up this line:

I changed my Twitter handle to @hitbypitchratio because of a joke with my father regarding the possibly excessive amount of stats thrown at us these days. This was before I wrote here and discovered Derek Dietrich was a modern-era king of the stat. So when he gets plunked by the Marlins, it is newsworthy in my book. Take a look at this beaut. Probably should have been called a strike.

The Tank Race is heating up! The Marlins are now projected for the third-worst record in baseball.

As we transition to news from the lower levels, how about a minor-league award for a guy who’s currently in the majors?

Miguel Rojas’ rehab seems on track in New Orleans, making a pit-stop in oncoming traffic Tuesday:

Magneurys Sierra ended that game with a walk-off swinging bunt:

Brian Anderson’s season is over, but he won’t need surgery:

As promised, here is your stat of the day. It’s really a 2-for1. Bunt Experts assemble!

Get your podcasts here! We’ve got a Nick Neidert interview on Earning their Stripes while outfielder Davis Bradshaw is the topic of this week’s A-ball with Erik Oas.

And I leave you with a Fan Post from RonCox20, which offers a fan’s perspective on the rebuild and suggests it’s a good time to be a Marlins fan.