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Bombs away! Marlins Triple-A affiliate releases second possible name

Later this year, we’ll find out the identity of the new Wichita-based Marlins affiliate.


Miami’s farm team is going airborne with its new name release. Time will tell if it soars or crashes and burns. Wichita Baseball 2020 announced Wednesday the second potential name for the Marlins Triple-A affiliate, moving to the Sunflower State’s largest city next season.

Wichita 29ers refers to the B-29 Superfortress—a bomber designed by Boeing for use by the United States in World War II and the Korean War. Wichita has a rich aviation history, with large aircraft companies including Spirit Aerosystems and Textron Aviation housing their headquarters in the city. It is also home to McConnell Air Force Base.

Currently, the Marlins are affiliated with the Triple-A New Orleans Baby Cakes. Owner Lou Schwechheimer has been vocal on his plans for the move as well as a new team name. Earlier this month, Wichita Baseball 2020 teased “River Riders” as another finalist in the name selection process.

There are five more possible names set to be released every two weeks, culminating in a mid-November unveiling.