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Jordan Yamamoto excels against Braves, while Marlins struggle with RISP

The starting pitching was there, while the offense was not, something we have seen many times.

MLB: JUL 05 Marlins at Braves Photo by Rich von Biberstein/Icon Sportswire via Getty Images

The Marlins lost the series opener to the Braves last night 1-0. The Fish had runners in scoring position multiple times and squandered it. Jordan Yamamoto pitched six fantastic innings for the Fish. Julio Teherán pitched just as well for the Braves.

Yamamoto was dazzling in the drizzling rain during Friday nights game. Atlanta struggled to get anything going while he was in there. He gave up two hits, and walked three in his six innings of work. Location was a big aspect of Friday's game. The home plate umpire made multiple bad strike/ball calls. Yamamoto did a great job painting edges, keeping the Braves hitters on their toes.

The Marlins started putting pressure on Teherán in the first inning. They had runners in scoring position, but could not capitalize on it. The Fish also had men in scoring position in the third inning. This opportunity was taken away by a terrible third strike call by the umpire. Miguel Rojas was visibly upset with one of the strike calls during his at bat later on.

The Fish had a total of seven hits against the Braves. There was a "short” rain delay during the eighth inning. When both teams finally made it back to the field they were much more aggressive. Jorge Alfaro started the ninth inning with a double, but the Marlins could not do anything with that.

Jose Quijada was the pitcher entrusted to get the Fish into extra innings. Freddie Freeman started the bottom of the ninth off with a double of his own. Unlike the Fish, the Braves were able to get the run home. After intentionally walking Josh Donaldson and Austin Riley, Brian McCann delivered a single to end the game. It was a long night for the Fish, especially after the late rain delay.

Caleb Smith will be making his return today from IL and he will be facing Max Fried at 4:10 ET.

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