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FanPulse: 81% of Marlins fans on same page about trade deadline approach

During a season in which most National League teams are closely bunched in the standings, the Marlins could capitalize as one of the few sellers.

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Photo by Danis Sosa/Fish Stripes

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A rule change that went into effect for 2019 establishes July 31 the first and only MLB midseason trade deadline. It makes a dramatic difference for some teams, who have yet to determine whether or not they’re capable of contending for the postseason. Tough decisions!

Well...not for the Marlins. Though they are showing themselves to be a resilient bunch over the past two months, an embarrassing 10-31 first quarter of the campaign buried them in the National League standings.

You know the names. Veterans Sergio Romo, Starlin Castro and Neil Walker are goners. It will be a challenge to find a trade fit for 38-year-old Curtis Granderson, but the Fish will make an effort. Performing as well as he ever has, Miguel Rojas should draw widespread interest.

Aside from a handful of trolls, respondents to our latest FanPulse survey seem to be on the same page:

The Marlins farm system recently rated as the seventh-best in all of Major League Baseball, according to FanGraphs. On Friday, Baseball America placed five of their prospects in the updated MLB Top 100 list (subscription required). The future of the Fish is in good shape, but it certainly doesn’t hurt to pursue more organizational depth by flipping these role players. Doing so also creates opportunities at the highest level for those who have been succeeding in the upper minors.

Showing a lot of faith in Miami’s front office to take advantage of this seller’s market, 89% of fans say that they’re confident in the direction of the team.

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