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2019 MLB Draft Tracker: Marlins Day 3 results

After landing potential impact players on Monday and Tuesday, the Marlins tried to identify some hidden gems in Rounds 11-40.

Marlins majority owner Bruce Sherman.
Photo by Danis Sosa/Fish Stripes

The 2019 Marlins MLB Draft class filled out on Wednesday with Rounds 11-40. Miami held the fourth selection in each round (No. 321 overall, No. 351, No. 381, etc.).

This article has been updated with details about the new additions. Italics indicate a high school prospect.

Day 1 Summary

George Walker IV-USA TODAY Sports

Round 1 (No. 4 overall)—OF JJ Bleday, Vanderbilt

Comp Round A (No. 35)—OF Kameron Misner, Missouri

Round 2 (No. 46)—SS Nasim Nuñez, Collins Hill HS (GA)

Day 2 Summary

Round 3 (No. 82)—OF Peyton Burdick, Wright State

Round 4 (No. 111)—1B Evan Edwards, North Carolina State

Round 5 (No. 141)—RHP Evan Fitterer, Aliso Niguel HS (CA)

Round 6 (No. 171)—RHP MD Johnson, Dallas Baptist

Round 7 (No. 201)—RHP Bryan Hoeing, Louisville

Round 8 (No. 231)—RF Tevin Mitchell, UC Santa Barbara

Round 9 (No. 261)—RHP Evan Brabrand, Liberty

Round 10 (No. 291)—CF J.D. Orr, Wright State

Day 3 Summary

Round 11 (No. 321)—RHP Anthony Maldonado, Bethune-Cookman

Round 12 (No. 351)—RHP Chris Mokma, Holland HS (MI)

Round 13 (No. 381)—LHP Zach King, Vanderbilt

Round 14 (No. 411)—LHP Easton Lucas, Pepperdine

Round 15 (No. 441)—CF Javeon Cody, Alvin CC

Round 16 (No. 471)—LHP Andrew Nardi, Arizona

Round 17 (No. 501)—RF Troy Johnston, Gonzaga

Round 18 (No. 531)—C Dustin Skelton, Mississippi State

Round 19 (No. 561)—C Nate Rombach, Legacy HS (TX)

Round 20 (No. 591)—C Thomas Rowan, UC Santa Barbara

Round 21 (No. 621)—RHP Jhonny Felix, Western Oklahoma State

Round 22 (No. 651)—RHP Codie Paiva, Loyola Marymount

Round 23 (No. 681)—3B Nic Ready, Air Force

Round 24 (No. 711)—RHP Jeff Lindgren, Illinois State

Round 25 (No. 741)—SS Jack Strunc, Creighton

Round 26 (No. 771)—OF Brandon McIlwain, California

Round 27 (No. 801)—C Casey Combs, East Texas Baptist

Round 28 (No. 831)—RF Lorenzo Hampton, Florida International

Round 29 (No. 861)—RHP John Baker, Ball State

Round 30 (No. 891)—RHP Joey Steele, University of San Francisco

Round 31 (No. 921)—3B Parker Noland, Farragut HS (TN)

A left-handed hitter, Noland has an advanced bat for his age with a consistent approach and average bat speed. He has average power as well. He’s a fringe-average defender at third base with an average arm and he’s a below-average runner. If Noland makes it to Vanderbilt, he’ll likely be a very productive hitter for the Commodores.” —Baseball America

Round 32 (No. 951)—LHP Josh Simpson, Columbia

Round 33 (No. 981)—1B Zachary Owings, Eastern Michigan

Round 34 (No. 1,011)—RHP Brock Love, Alabama

Round 35 (No. 1,041)—1B Torin Montgomery, Lake Washington Sr HS (WA)

Round 36 (No. 1,071)—1B Julian Infante, Vanderbilt

Round 37 (No. 1,101)—SS Tyler Causey, Nation Ford HS (SC)

Round 38 (No. 1,131)—SS Tyresse Turner, Gahr HS (CA)

Round 39 (No. 1,161)—LHP Evan Justice, North Carolina State

Round 40 (No. 1,191)—RHP Kade Mechals, Grand Canyon