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Our Noticias, All-Fish Stripes Edition: the draft, the drafted, the draftees, oh my!

Plus, the Marlins dropped two touchdowns on the Brewers, and we’re so excited.

MLB: Miami Marlins at Milwaukee Brewers Jeff Hanisch-USA TODAY Sports

There is a lot of great Marlins coverage in South Florida, and other outlets often get quite a bit of run in this space. But during such an exciting week of winning baseball and another huge step in the rebuild, Fish Stripes has put out a ton of great content (per the usual, tbh), we’re just going to focus on us for once.

And I honestly don’t know whether to start with Tuesday night’s drubbing of last year’s National League runner-up or the draft, but since we’re bucking tradition, let’s save the game for later and recap what will hopefully soon be known simply as:


(Yes, I’m so amped I’m all-caps yelling these headings.)

The draft started with Jeter and Co. getting their guy in outfielder JJ Bleday with the fourth overall pick out of Vanderbilt.

With a competitive balance pick at no. 35 overall, they then double-dipped into the outfield with Missouri’s Kameron Misner.

In the second-round, at no. 46 overall, prep shortstop Nasim Nuñez became the newest Fish.

Day 2 on Tuesday (very appropriate, Mr. Manfred — we see what you did there) held even more excitement, but ironically, we can’t contain it here on this page.

Today, Wednesday, is Day 3. (Counting is fun!) Keep track of all our still ongoing draft coverage here.


The big-league club must’ve been excited, too, because they absolutely exploded last night. After a plus-18 run differential last week, Miami almost equaled that total in one game.

Everyone in the starting lineup — including Pablo López, who hurled six shutout innings — tallied at least one hit, run, and RBI. If you don’t believe me, check the box score, yo. It’s a fun read in itself. Garrett Cooper led the charge for the bats, going 4-for-5 with a homer, a walk, and four runs scored.

The Marlins have the second-best record in baseball since May 17, and their 11-run fifth inning set a new franchise-record.

Relive the recent hot streak with your Marlins Highlights of the Week.


...about an all-Fish Stripes piece. And maybe I’m still yelling the headings because I’ve developed voice immodulation syndrome, but I had to include these DeadSpin blurbs because they are too funny. First, it’s always comic gold when a position player gets to pitch, and it is often one of the more entertaining aspects of a blowout. But Hernán Pérez took the humor to the next level on Tuesday.

And second — you’re going to need a dose of self-deprecation for this — but DeadSpin is in denial over who really had that 11-run inning.


We enjoyed our first-ever Fish Stripes Night at Marlins Park earlier this year, and if you missed it, you get another chance! At an All-Star game! For seven dollars a pop! You’ll be able to meet a lot of your favorite Fish Stripes writers there as well.

The above paragraph may be a tad misleading, but you’ll notice the italicized indefinite article prior to ‘All-Star game’. It’s not the MLB version, but it’s local and loaded with talent and what we pray are future stars in Miami.


Forget the tank race, it’s as good a time as ever for fans to be excited.