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You should still feel excited about this Marlins team

Even with the worst overall record in the National League, don’t let the outsiders get you down—celebrate the Marlins’ recent success.

Miami Marlins v San Diego Padres Photo by Denis Poroy/Getty Images

Recently at a gathering with my friends, we were in a sports discussion like we usually are, and I had brought up the fact that the Marlins had won 10 of their last 15 games (this was after Saturday’s win). While I was excited and raving about Miami, my friends didn’t bat an eye, reminding me about the team’s “lowly” overall record.

However, I'm here to tell you, that even though the Marlins still currently sit at a 21-36 record, there’s still reason to be cheerful with the teams recent success!

Those who keep up with this franchise and are well informed understand that the Marlins are in a rebuilding process. We can grasp what Derek Jeter is trying to do. We didn’t enter the 2019 season expecting an NL East title.

Yes, it’s been painful at times to see Miami’s offense at certain points, but the positives have definitely outweighed the negatives.

In my opinion, that’s the great part of a rebuilding team; when you realize how young this squad is, and how low expectations are when looked at by those around the country, seeing Caleb Smith dominate or Jorge Alfaro on his recent hot streak is worth celebrating.

I talk to way too many people. Some are actually fans, but most aren't, because you don’t meet too many Marlins fans out here on the west coast.

Anyway, a majority of the people I talk to don’t acknowledge the fact that Miami has won 11 out of 16—they just keep mentioning that Jeter is driving the franchise into the ground. They ignore the positives, pivoting to success of ex-Marlins like Christian Yelich and Derek Dietrich.

Meanwhile, I'm over here jumping out of my seat because Trevor Richards has won three of his last four starts and Jose Ureña has won his last three straight. Long-term building blocks are justifying the hype, while potential trade chips continue to boost their value with strong performances.

Just remember that rebuilds take time. I mean, the Astros bottomed out at 111 losses under general manager Jeff Luhnow, then showed the patience to trust Luhnow’s vision, which now has them as a perennial World Series contender. I'm not saying that Jeter is going to build Miami into what Houston is, but you have to be happy with some of the moves he’s made already.

Enjoy these “lowly” 2019 Marlins. They will be our little secret, easy to ignore for now...but a threat to be feared down the road.